The Donati Luxury Tower, as you see it today, has very ancient origins: it is an authentic medieval tower, that dates back to the 12 th century AD. It was the scene of the war between Guelphs (supporters of the Pope) and Ghibellines (supporters of the Emperor) and saw countless bloody encounters. Originally there were two smaller towers, located less than a meter one from the other. The two towers belonged to two wealthy Florentine families : the Ricci Family and the Donati Family, the same of Gemma Donati, Dante Alighieri’s wife. The two towers were smaller, but they reached the height of 70-80 meters, because height represented power at that time. Around mid 13 th Century, the ownership of the two towers passed to a consortium of families, including the Ghiberti family.

The towers were then unified, giving birth to the tower, as we know it today: a very important piece of the history of Florence. The tower has seen all the greatest and most famous Florentine artists pass by: from Dante Alighieri to Filippo Brunelleschi, from Arnolfo di Cambio to Lorenzo Ghiberti, and countless others. The tower is located in the historical center of Florence and it has been feeling its heart pulsate every day for almost 1000 years .

Donati Luxury Tower Suites | Florence | Luxury Services

Luxury Services

Each suite is furnished with a fully equipped kitchenette, eco air-conditioning, a smart tv and high-speed wi-fi, as well as exclusive comforts such as a bathtub and Jacuzzi or walk-in sensory shower and bathrooms with heated marble floors.
Donati Luxury Tower Suites | Florence | Sensational Rooftop

Sensational Rooftop

On the rooftop of the tower discover the real romance :relax in our cozy heated bathtub or enjoy a private romantic dinner with a spectacular and unique view over Florence.